Laker Rumors: Will the Lakers trade for Derrick Rose?

Posted on 05 November 2015

How would Derrick Rose fit in as a Los Angeles Laker? Well pretty good if he weren't plagued with knee injuries for sure. But the thing is getting Rose to wear the purple and gold is not that easy.

Given his astronomical paycheck, the only scenario for Rose to land in Hollywood would be for the Lakers to give up multiple assets. It cannot be a simple straight-up trade since no one on the roster could be priced as much as the former National Basketball Association (NBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP)

How about a multiplayer deal? How about Jordan Clarkson, Lou Williams, and Nick Young for Rose? Would that work? No dice.

Clarkson is seen as a potential future player of the franchise; Williams is proving to be a good recruit; and Young seems to be getting his game back. In all, why give up three players for one who has been hardly healthy for some years now?

Apparently, all these trade talks involving Rose and Clarkson plus company are nothing more than rumors based on, well, rumors. While it is true that the Bulls could, at some point, consider a trade, the Lakers may be too wise to give up their young core for a single player, no matter how much he has achieved.

The Lakers could be interested but, perhaps, in another way to get him. Trading for Rose looks impossible for now and the Bulls would want something of equal value in exchange for their prized player.

Rose will eventually leave Chicago. It could be by trade or by the time his contract is up in 2017. But even if he does become an unrestricted free agent by that time, his history of injuries will be a factor.

Teams may not be willing to pay that much for Rose, seeing his plight in the last three years. So if that were the case, which team would risk getting him now with about $41 million left in his contract?


Article by: Snooky Grawls

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