Report: Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig involved in a fight at a Miami club

Posted on 27 November 2015

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig has always been a lightning rod for hot takes. If the latest report about the 24-year-old is true, his contentious relationship with fans of the game will only grow larger. According to Renato Bermudez of ESPN Deportes, Puig was involved in a fight with security at a Miami nightclub. 

Bermudez's tweet was posted in Spanish, but has since been translated into EnglishIt's worth noting that Bermudez's tweet was initially sent out Thursday morning. Considering Puig is a big-name athlete, we would normally expect more details to have emerged since then. However, the holiday may have played a role in the delay here. If true, we expect more members of the national media will jump on this report shortly. 

That said, there is evidence Puig was in Miami a few days ago. Puig's last picture on his Instagram account indicated he was flying from Columbia to Miami.

Being in the city doesn't necessarily mean he was involved in a brawl at a nightclub, but it doesn't look great at the moment.

We don't want to speculate too much right now, but, if true, it wouldn't bode well for Puig. Being involved in a fight at a club is never a good thing for any player, but the fact that Puig is involved would make things worse. He's already a polarizing player among many in the game, and an incident like this would not help matters.

On top of that, there are already some rumors out there that a certain player on the Dodgers no longer want Puig around. Due to his antics, there are always rumblings every offseason that the Dodgers would consider dealing Puig in the right deal. While that seemed unlikely in the past considering his age and ability, it might be easier for them to part with him if he were involved in an incident like this.

It seems like Puig has always had a love/hate relationship with the Dodgers. If these rumors are true, it could be the last straw for the organization. Puig is supremely talented when healthy, but the Dodgers may think he's no longer worth the headache. 

Article by: Chris Cwik Yahoo Sports.

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