• Swann SW214-ODC Color Outdoor Cam

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Swann SW214-ODC Color Outdoor Cam

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The Swann OutdoorCam™ Security Camera is a versatile security solution that suits both indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring a robust weather resistant metal casing the camera is ideal for areas subject to dust rain or other wet conditions.

Providing clear color images the camera features an auto-light sensor that switches on the 11 infra-red LEDs at night projecting invisible light. Now you can monitor your premises at night or keep an eye on areas such as stairwells secluded corners or alleyways that usually have little or no light!


* 380 TV Lines for clear image resolution
* 15ft (5m) infra-red night vision
* Weather resistant sun shield
* 60ft (18m) RCA video cable
* Plugs into any DVR, VCR, TV or Swann security monitor
* Perfect for home and office use
* Night vision images display in B&W
* Perfect for home and office use
* Infra-Red LEDs
* 1/3 color sensor
* Weather Resistant Hood
* Angle Adjustment
* Tension Adjustment
* Mounting Base

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