• Streetwise Xtreme Flashlight & Power Bank

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Streetwise Xtreme Flashlight & Power Bank

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Product Details

Whether you are preparing your emergency preparedness kit, going camping, or just someone who stays ???on the go?? and uses your phone a lot you will love this brand new gadget that combines two ???must have?? items: a bright flashlight/lantern and a power bank! In addition to the powerful flashlight, the other thing that makes the Streetwise Xtreme Light Power Bank unique is the rechargeable replaceable battery. With other power banks you are limited to the amount of battery power it can store. Once depleted it is worthless until it can be recharged. With this new model you can purchase additional batteries and simply replace the battery as needed. Now you can be without power for weeks at a time and still be able to charge your phone and many other electronic devices as well as have a reliable light source. The flashlight features adjustable focus and four light modes: Full Power, Half Power, SOS, or Strobe. The head slides up to easily convert the flashlight into a lantern for 360? of soft light. Great for use during power outages, camping, fishing, or when working in the dark. Can be used to charge mobile phones, MP3 Players, tablets, iPads, and many other small electronic devices.

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